My Flood Experience

About a year ago today, The Great Flood had devastated many parts of Louisiana like Denham Springs. I was only one of the many to have been flooded. The days before it occurred my family and I were not worried about the rain at all. However, as the days went by, we started to be anxious about the water rising in our driveway. When the day of the flood arrived, my family hurriedly moved all our belongings from downstairs to upstairs. Without further notice, we helped our neighbors in our house so they wouldn’t need a shelter with all the animal responsibilities they had. The next thing we knew water the color of fresh mud was in my house. We couldn’t believe this had actually happened in such a quick span of time! As soon as the flood water was out the front door of our house, we immediately threw out all of our possessions and belongings downstairs. Slowly as days went to weeks, and weeks went to months; our house was fixed up and as good as new. From the start, The Great Flood caused my whole life to change. This experience caused me to help strangers out because we all needed it, and to thank God for such  great family and friends. So maybe the flood hurt us severely, but had a positive impact on our community in the long run.


September 10, 2017 – BRSC vs. CABOSA Shreveport United 03 Blue

We had to play this game at 9 am.  The last time we played this team, we beat them pretty easily, 9-2.  As a result, we underestimated them this time.  Again, some of the guys were not focused during warm-ups.  We came out to a very rough start.  Shreveport scored first and were leading 1-0 most of the first half.  Then our team scored the next goals. After, the tough battle between us and Shreveport, we won the game 6-4. It was overall an unsuccessful game because our focus on technical skills and man-marking was poor.  As a result, we let them score easy goals. On the other hand, I think the game for me went well. My passing was accurate, and it led me to giving an assist to my teammate. But, I could’ve done better on transitioning from offense to defense. Hopefully, I can learn from this game against Shreveport in preparation for my next game against Mississippi Rush.

September 9, 2017 BRSC Black 03 vs LA Fire Red

This morning we had to play against the LA Fire.  Last year, we played the LA Fire 5 times.  The first four games of those games, they beat us.  However, on the 5th game, we met them in the State Final.  We beat them 2-0 to become Louisiana State Champions and advance to the US Youth Regional Tournament  in North Carolina.  Due to how we played against them last year and based on how we have been practicing lately, I thought that we had a chance to lose.

Nevertheless, when the game began, we started off well.  In fact, we scored first on a great effort by my teammate Tyler.  A few minutes later, LA Fire scored on an amazing free kick.  However, we continued working hard and scored on a pass by Jacob to Rui.  At half the score was 2-1.  At that point, I was feeling that we had a good chance of winning the game.

About twenty minutes into the second half, the LA Fire scored to tie it up 2-2.   But, we kept playing hard and we earned a penalty with about 10 minutes left in the game.  Tyler made a great penalty kick to put us up 3-2.  We held on the rest of the game for the victory.

Looking back on the game today, I felt that I did great defensively but I could have done much better assisting my team in the attack.  We have another game tomorrow against Shreveport Cabosa 2003.  I am looking forward to working hard to improve on my performance today.

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